Life with two famous parents

May,15,2019 It’s my birthday!YAY!I asked my mom (Katy Perry) if we could go to the park.She said “yea,that sounds like fun!”So we went to the park and I was really thirsty so we tried to drive to the store but, the car ran out of gas! We called everyone we knew but,was out of town.(2 hour later)so we walked around the park for a little awhile and then we found my friend and her dad (he had gas)so we walked to the car and we had enough gas to drive to the store. At the end we just drove home and ate lunch(mmmmmmm)


Interview with Mrs.LaRue

So…Mrs.LaRue,your dog isn’t really that sick, so we are just going to feed him and give him water and see how he feels after that,ok?


Ok,I’ve been eating my lunch and he’s been AMAZING! Have you been feeding him?


So I think he can go home now so I’ll just give him a special kind of food and he willeat 2 meals a day ok?

Ok,thank you so much!

California Gold Rush

Today someone found gold nuggets!He was named James Wilson Marshall. I think I’ll go to California to see if I can mine some gold. Ok two and I’ve been on the road I’m pretty sure I saw a couple of cowboys heardaling their cow into the ranch I wish I can own one maybe I’ll trade in some gold (if I find any) for the matrieals to own a ranch for myself.Ok one more day till I’m at California,then I can get some rest and go ahead and start mining some gold.

Patriot Poem

He died at the age of 25 in prison

he was in Paul Revere’s midnight ride

was born in Concord,Massachusetts

third midnight rider

Samuel Prescott

He rode to Concord

He died in Halifax,Canada

His parents were Abel and Abigail Prescott

Samuel was married to a women named Lydia Mulliken

Image result for samuel prescott    The sites                                                                             I used are:Hoaxofthecentury

WomenHistoryBlog,Wikipiedia and                                                                                                      Thehistoryjunkie

Homemaker Colonial Life

Phew i’m done with work for a 2 min. brake,ok let me tell you how I live my life as a homemaker. All I really do is the main chores around the house so like, cooking, sewing, do laundry and so on. We could not vote nor could we hold public office.If the we had young children,they have to take good care of them and teach them math and science and social studies and how to read. We loved making decor for the holidays. We make tools such as axes, bowls, spoons, forks, butter knife, wooden plates and so on. Whoops 3 mins. over the schedule better get going. Bye for now.

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Danica and the 3 friends!!!!

One spooky full moon night in jelly’s graveyard,a potato witch (me) threw a poison potion, at her bathroom door and in her backyard, something opened by her dog’s bed “GIRLS HELP!!!” the other 3 witches (Karsyn~the skeleton Mallory~the cyclops and Yoselin~the blob of slime) They feared the potato witch was hurt,so they yelled “We are coming, are you hurt” she didn’t reply DUN DUN DUNN!!They ran right to her backyard.”S-she’s g-g-gone.”whispered Yoselin.They saw the door that was open the climbed down and they ended up being in the sewers.Mallory screamed “IT STINKS!!!!”. 16 Mins later………. There was a evil potato witch and she was brewing a potion to make things evil she creeply looked back and jumped at they and said “BOO” The girls screamed. ” HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!” I loved scaring people so you could say Karsyn Mallory and Yoselin just got spooked!! Happy Halloween guys. And they live spooklie ever after!!! The End.

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